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Where to find gold in the world - Historical Gold Locations Map of the World

Historical Gold Location Map of the World. Map: copyright Goldfever.info. Data source: USGS.

Where to find gold, or where to locate gold? This is an important you might ask yourself. You are not alone, there are lot’s of people trying to find the answer to the question: Where to find gold? This guide will get you started and show you how widespread the locations where you can find gold actually are. Within the United States and Canada for example, most states, or states possibly near you, bear gold rich grounds. Around the world there are large areas of gold rich grounds too. See the Historical Gold Location Map of the World on the right for a quick grasp. This article’s main focus will be on where to find gold in the United States and Canada. In other articles on this page the gold rich grounds in parts of the rest of the world will be discussed.

Where to find gold in North America

Where to find gold in North America? Well, actually the question should be: where don’t you? To start with, have a look at the map following below. I have used data from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to map all the locations where gold was found historically. The data from this come from old reports, books, financial reports, company records and so on. The map gives you a good idea where the main areas of gold rich ground are located. The fact that gold was found here in history, doesn’t mean it’s all gone now. Depending on your purpose (recreational/professional) and the fact that the value of gold has been increasing since the old days, some ‘old’ are areas perfectly suitable to mine gold in.

Historical Gold Locations Map of North America - Where to find gold?

Historical Gold Locations Map of North America. This map contains data from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) showing all the know historical locations where gold was found. Copyright 2013 Goldfever.info, all rights reserved. Data source: USGS.

The West

States west of the Rocky Mountains clearly bear a lot of gold containing ground. No wonder that these states have been the stage for multiple Gold Rushes in history, and no wonder that (partly because of that) there are so many yellow dots in these states. In the United States the gold-bearing states west of the Rockies are clearly California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Of course needles to say, currently the most gold producing state is Alaska where gold rich grounds in the Alaska Range and the Brooks Range are clearly marked on the map. Within Canada British Columbia and the Yukon are the big gold producing states.

Further East


Mountain ranges in North America are mostly gold rich areas.

Although the core of the historical gold locations are in the west part of North America the states further east do contain gold. The Appalachian Mountains in the east are a focus for gold rich grounds (Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, West-Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine). Also in most remaining states there are places where gold was found, not in the same amounts but the do cover spots where you can find color in your gold pan. Within Canada the other states (Alberta, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Foundland and Labrador) also cover gold in a more widespread sense.

Every area mentioned before will be elaborated on in another article, focussing on the primary gold locations per state.

Now you know where to find gold, you need to specify your type of gold mining activity. Depending on your type of gold mining, which can be recreational gold panning or starting a professional gold mining company, some locations and areas are better suited to do so. Before you even get started on looking for gold, do some research on the suitability of the area for your purpose. For recreation national parks might be the best bet to find gold, for professional miners you got to own the right to mine on a claim. Read more on the type of gold mining in this article.

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